March 20, 2017


The Proteus system consists of:

  • ground facilities used for validation tests at satellite or system level

    • mechanical and electrical systems for integration and testing of the platform and satellite
    • simulation benches for flight software and satellite operational process testing; on these benches the DHU, star tracker, gyros and GPS are real parts of the satellite, the other parts are simulated
    • satellite simulation bench for validation tests of the system with the Command-Control Ground Segment

  • mathematical models used for satellite development engineering based on Proteus (mechanical, technical, electrical, SCAO, radiation models)

Specific documentation for the series was also produced to facilitate the use of Proteus generic parts. In particularl, the Proteus User Manual when studying adaptations for every new mission scheduled with Proteus. It indicates the capabilities and performances that can be achieved, how to use Proteus to achieve them, and describes the standard interfaces between the platform and the payload, and between onboard and ground systems.