March 20, 2017

Proteus Generic Ground Segment: PGGS

The PGGS (Proteus Generic Ground Segment) command-control ground segment for the Proteus series was first developed for Jason-1. It was then transformed into a multi-mission product for the Myriade micro-satellites and Proteus mini-satellites. It is composed of the following main parts:

  • A nominal Command Control Centre (CCC) that can operate several satellites at a given time
  • A test CCC to plan operations for the next satellite to be launched
  • S-band stations dedicated to mini- and micro-satellites (TTCET) complemented depending on specific mission requirements, by other S-band stations in the CNES network or supplied by partners
  • The Data Transmission Network (DTN) between the different ground segment sub-systems and mission peripherals (mission centre, stations outside the CNES network, etc.)

The CCC has real-time TM/TC processings softwares for guidance and orbit control, off-line processing of data and their archiving, and links with the mission centre.

To optimize CCC operations, some other services have been implemented. These include SYGALE (anomaly alerting), AGENDA (automatic activation of tasks in operation), DRPPC consoles for consultation and display of live or recorded TM, and a web server.