March 20, 2017

Presto satellite simulation bench

PRESTO (PRoteus Engineering Simulator for Tests and Operations) is the real-time satellite simulator for the Proteus series, used to:

  • validate operational procedures of the ground segment during system tests
  • train operators on the command-control centre for Proteus satellites
  • provide expert analysis of problems met in orbit

It is a set of software running on Linux PC and composed of:

  • representative models of the bus system, notably the data handling unit (DHU) integrating the real flight software for the mission
  • a simulation kernel named PRESTOK sequencing tasks and insuring the speed of real-time or accelerated-time tests
  • a naming database enabling data exchange between models
  • a command-control interface through TM/TC functions

This simulator is adapted for each Proteus mission by modifying the payload module software and, if necessary, by an upgrading the bus system modules if the bus evolves.

3D illustration of the satellite's orbit and attitude by PRESTO